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Glasses add new style to men

Hello Premium tie specialty brand, Mannergram here. The difference between crush and dislike is..? It's not about the body or the face, style takes all! The glasses play an important role here. In everyday daily looks Eyeglass frames are the only accessories that can be changed often, like shoes.


To our homme fatale men who can never give up fashion, I think it might be glasses that can produce various fashions and styles. Don't lock yourself in one style ~ Because you can be a crush type just by wearing glasses Become an insider with glasses ~


1) glasses and styles

Although, for those who become blind needs glasses, Glasses are not necessarily because of your eyesight The style and color of the glasses dominate the impression. It also makes a person stand out. One of the few stylish men's wear are glasses

It's an item that can meet one's taste such as classic, detail, balance, and other criterias that one considers important. Are you just sticking to the glasses to the same style? What style suits you best? Do you know what style you don't like? Now, turn your glasses into fashion items Try it yourself at an optician and find what suits you best


2) How to choose a frame

When choosing new glasses, Face shape, length, width, front view, balance and symmetry are also important considerations The style and color of the glasses influence the impression The frames should be suitable for the face size, contrasting with the shape of the face.

I recommend eyeglass that are angled and thin for round face Your face can look a bit slim If you have an egg-shaped face, choose a frame that can fill the width of your face. Elongated faces look better with eyeglass frames that fall down than wide glasses For squared faces, choose a wide, narrow or narrow oval frame The triangular face angled downward makes the upper third of the face stand out with points at the end of the frame The inverted triangular face, angled upward, with a wide forehead and a narrow third of the lower part of the face, brightly colored frame or frame is perfect For diamond face, it's better to choose a frame that can give a clear forehead line.

Glasses make up a big part of your face, so you need to decide carefully. It is easy to ruin the style if we think simple Usually, after buying frames, it's hard to adjust the whole frame If it doesn't rest on your nose, you have to change it right away. I recommend wearing as many glasses as possible. Then, after deducting two or three, finally choose the best one. Don't be afraid to talk to a professional or sales person again :) I hope you find the style that suits you


2) glasses, one of the few stylish items

Glasses have always been influenced by fashion trends. Tom Ford and Olive Peoples presented retro style. This is a profound feeling, and it gives off a 70's vibe.


Don't forget that glasses make you look smart When you rarely wear glasses, There are a lot of women who sometimes fall in love with your different look in glasses.

If you've seen the drama 'Incarnation of Jealousy', Gong Hyo-jin falls in love with the appearance of Jo Jung-seok wearing glasses. Wearing fashion glasses while reading books or reading English newspapers also gives the cool vibe. The reason why it's so hard to determine which glasses match your face perfectly is because there are too many variables. The mood or the job of the person can also act as a big variable. Now you can turn your glasses into different styles such as Classic, Dandy, Elegant, Sexy, etc. Find new charms that can appeal with glasses I hope the glasses can add new fashion to you :)


3) key points

Get experts' help Wear as many frames as possible Carefully select the two glasses frames that work best and make the final decision. First choose the frame that best suits your needs, then pick an extra frame to coordinate with other situations. Do not put glasses on your head. Glasses may stretch or look untidy

Don't just like cars and look for purses or watches. Wear glasses according to the concept of the day, and try to upgrade the fashion furthermore with glasses ~ :) Special and high-quality brand in the industry where making the tie with craftsmanship, Please wear a lot of our mannergram ties ~