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Tips for choosing an interview tie!

Tips for choosing an interview tie!



Recommend a tie for the interview

Are there moments when you need to maximize your image as much as your interview?

From dress to hair, skin tone and voice

An interview that requires you to brand yourself.

Among the many ways, the easiest way to interview

One of the ways to identify your identity

It is just a tie.

Matching the interview outfit in the manogram

Let me introduce how to choose a tie.

I divided it into 4 categories.

The next step is to pick a tie for the interview!





Job interview company type and atmosphere


Image making


Overcoming Your Appearance Handicap


Interview Ties to Avoid








1. Interview company type and atmosphere




  Ex)-Public corporations, public officials-Financial sector-IT industry-Broadcasting-Sales (sales) occupations-Manufacturing-Other professions

           As in the example above, there are a variety of occupations.


Civil servants, financial sectors, sales, manufacturing

There is a tendency to prefer interviewers with calm, static images.

On the other hand, IT, broadcasting, and other professional jobs

You may want to see the interviewer's personality.

This means creativity, EQ and other emotions

You may want to anticipate as a job seeker's outfit.

In particular, the sales force is an enterprising and bright image with a red tie

I recommend making.

Or those who feel the burden on the color like wine

It's a navy or dark tone overall

Recommend a product that points to wine.







2. Image Making




If the interviewer is a conservative company,

Make with a stable image.

This is typically the case with SOEs and financial institutions.

On the contrary, strong impression is a soft brown,

Soft navy tie

It is recommended to create a calm atmosphere.




Trust and honest and calm



Stable and sober



Bold and enterprising


There is no correct answer, but it is usually an atmosphere of color.

Of course, gloss and texture is also a must consider ^^

I'll recommend some of our Mannergram products.








The above products are suitable for all industries, regardless of occupation.

Finite with a smooth texture unlike regular silk ties

Impressive, the sophisticated brown color makes the impression stand out.









The products above are good for expressing your personality such as professional or broadcasting.

It features a sense of stability provided by the basic dot pattern and refined color.












Like anything above, the most stable color is navy.

It features a youthful and enterprising feeling unique to the residental line.

These products are also good for interviews regardless of job group.










3. Overcoming your appearance handicap



If the job seeker is white, red or dark

Dark skin or navy is recommended for dark skin.

But the interview tie is rather

Overall balance is the most important.

Match suits, hairstyles, shirt collars, etc.

You have to try several times.










4. Interview Ties to Avoid




Tie men's clothes with three or more colors

Basically, it's hard to coordinate with three colors.

For the interview suit, wear navy, charcoal, etc.

In accordance with this, we recommend you to tie a product with less color.



Slim tie Slim tie is so trendy

Informal feelings can be conveyed.

Authentic tie of 8-8.5cm is recommended.



Tie of complicated pattern Tie of not simple pattern

It does not suit the interview outfit.



Think about the right outfit for TPO

Among them, the uniqueness of the interview! Please consider!

* Avoid tie with complicated patterns ~-








● A tip only from mannergram


1. softer than a glossy tie

Textured tie helps to keep the impression

2. The interview suit is also very matt

We recommend you to choose a soft 100% wool product.

3. Avoid too trendy products!

Of course, the interview dress is important, but more important than the dress.

Why do not you want to join and confidence?

Best wishes to all job seekers!